We provide consulting services for your computer needs-- specializing in e-mail related systems and applications as well as workflow automation.  This includes custom software designed to solve your particular situation.

If you have a particular problem that you think we can help, please complete our form on the Contact Us page or e-mail us at solutions@macantech.com.  We'll let you know how we can help.


What's new

[10/19/2011] Fuel Economy Guide 2011 1.0 released!

[08/01/2009] Quick-PV released.  Developed for Energy Torus Technologies, LLC, this application helps design solar electric systems for residential homes.

[03/07/2009] Fuel Economy Guide 2009 1.0 released!

[03/06/2009] Another iPhone application is coming soon that will help determine which vehicle is right for you, by giving information about fuel economy, costs, and Carbon footprint.

[01/20/2009] 12 Animal Zodiac 1.0 released!

[01/19/2009] Another fun iPhone application to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year!  Check back in a couple of days for the details!

[12/20/2008] Jingle Sounds 1.0 is released!

[12/19/2008] We'll be releasing for download, our first iPhone application specifically for the holidays.  When it passes the Apple submission process, we'll give you the details!  Check back in a couple of days!